Video-games &
Virtual Reality (VR)

I've worked for more than 7 years in an indie games company. Currently I design the UX of serious games and VR products.

UX research &

Research, analyze, design, test and iterate.
In UX, learning and a good sense of empathy are essential for designing great products.

UI design

I design intuitive, functional and aesthetic user interfaces. I create visual appealing documents that help communicate ideas.

Developing a UX strategy is much more than applying a methodology: it's a mindset.

How does the experience of a game or product unfold for its audience?
My role is to understand the target user and help creators to achieve success.

What if, like me...?

  • Your ambition is make a living from your passion

    You want to work in a positive way for yourself, your loved ones and society.

  • You have several different skills

    Self-taught, multidisciplinary and ready to take on new challenges.

I'd love to talk to you

It would be great to chat with you. Do not hesitate to contact me to tell me about your project, for advice or simply to ask me a question.