My little story

My name is Margaret. I am Spanish of Irish origin. I was born and raised in Seville (Spain).

Following my studies in communication, I came to France thanks to a European internship program. I quickly found my place in Bordeaux, where I worked in video games for 7 years.

After this period I freelanced for a few years and then I did a Master's-level diploma in UX Design (interview available on the OpenClassrooms blog).

Since February 2019 I work at Lucine, where I design products in virtual reality.

I speak fluently Spanish, English and French.

I'm a friend of people and pixels, UX designer, gamer, graphic designer, WordPress expert and photographer. In Bordeaux since 2004, this city is the setting for my daily inspiration. It is by the photos on my website that I pay tribute to the city.

Testimonials of convinced collaborators

David Elahee, Game designer et fondateur de Headbang Club

David Elahee

Founder and Game designer at Headbang Club

Margaret is exactly the kind of person one needs in any professional team. Skilled, passionate, friendly, devoured with the love of well done work.

During our work on Mush, she was always there and kept pushing forward to make such a wide game, despite the tempests and over the cracks and beyond reason.

All that positive energy and hard working in such a person deserve your attention.

François Barbut

Founder and CTO at

Between 2016 and 2018 we entrusted Margaret with all of our UX, UI and HTML/CSS for ourselves and our clients.

Her UX research is applied with rigor and dedication and every line of code is justified thanks to Margaret.

She is a tenacious activist of good work. You can see by the results that she enjoys her work! UX, interface design, CSS, WordPress, graphics, typography... She does almost everything.

They are part of my daily life

I'm a member of Women In Games, a professional association that works for gender diversity in the video game industry.

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