Since February 2019 I apply my expertise in UX and videogames to create serious games and virtual reality products at Lucine (NDA).

Evaluation of a VR app for pain relief

Personal work, UX

UX case study of Sekiro

Personal work, UX, Videogame

FaceDancer game

Professional work, UX, Videogame

Prototype for mobile app

Student work, UX

At Lucine, I created a UX Framework that was integrated into the production pipeline, wrote UX protocols, conducted tests and interviews with dozens of users, created wireframes and created interactive prototypes in 2D and VR (Unity).

UI + CSS (Motion Twin)

During my time in video games (Motion Twin) I designed the websites and UI of many games.
I built the websites myself into CSS (HSS) and Haxe. I have participated in the creation of more than 12 games.


UI, Video game, Logo design


UI, Video game, Logo design

Other games

UI, Video game, Logo design

UI + Web development (Freelancing)

When I was freelancing I did mostly responsive webdesign, WordPress and HTML/LESS/JSS for the front development of a web app. I have delivered more than 15 websites.


Visual identity, WordPress


Visual identity, WordPress

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