Video games &
Virtual Reality

Create game experiences through the study of players’ thinking processes.

UX research &

Research, analyse, design, test and iterate. In UX, it’s all about learning.

UI design

Player-centered interface design, dedicated to game design.

Developing a UX strategy is much more than applying a methodology: it’s a mindset.

How is the game experience perceived by the player?
My role is to understand the target user and help creators achieve success.


I am Senior UX Designer at Ubisoft Bordeaux

I participate in the definition of the UX vision and develop the design and reference documents to guide the creation of the game’s functionalities (flows, wireframes, prototypes).

I focus on the accessibility of our games and interfaces, thanks to a close collaboration with the accessibility and research teams.

My two mottos at work…

  • Work in a positive way

    I want to live from my passion in a positive way: for my collaborators, the society, and me.

  • Test and learn

    I’m always curious and interested in the interaction between the players and the system.