My little story

My name is Margaret. I am Spanish of Irish origin. I was born and raised in Seville (Spain).

Following my studies in communication, I came to France thanks to a European internship program. I quickly found my place in Bordeaux, where I worked in indie video games for 7 years.

After this period I freelanced for a few years and then I did a Master’s-level diploma in UX Design (interview available on OpenClassrooms blog).

In February 2019 I joined a health-tech startup company where I designed virtual reality products for patients with chronic pain.

In July 2021, I decided to specialize further in UX applied to video games and joined Ubisoft Bordeaux as Senior UX Designer.

I am a friend of people and pixels, gamer, illustrator, photographer, traveler, and scuba diver. I am fluent in Spanish, English and French. In Bordeaux since 2004, this city is the setting for my daily inspiration, including the photos in my website.


David Elahee, Game designer et fondateur de Headbang Club

David Elahee

Founder and Game designer at Headbang Club

Margaret is exactly the kind of person one needs in any professional team.

Skilled, passionate, friendly, devoured with the love of well done work.

During our work on Mush, she was always there and kept pushing forward to make such a wide game, despite the tempests and over the cracks and beyond reason.

All that positive energy and hard working in such a person deserve your attention.

Clara Toussaint

Clara Toussaint

UI Designer à Lightbulb Crew

Margaret is a true expert and an exceptional mentor.

She is both highly skilled in her UX work by testing her designs against different studies and feedbacks from others, innovating and testing new ideas and training on new softwares to be ever more independent.

But she is also a very educational person who takes the time to explain and give feedbacks to help others improve. She is a very human person with whom I loved to work and who knows how to create a climate of respect and trust in her environment.

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