Since July 2021, I apply my expertise in UX and video games at Ubisoft.

Until my work at Ubisoft can be undisclosed, you can check a selection of my previous UX projects:

Evaluation of a VR app for pain relief


UX Review of Sekiro

Personal, Video game

FaceDancer Mobile Game

Professional, Video game

UI Design + CSS (Motion Twin)

During the time I worked in indie video games (Motion Twin), I designed web interfaces and games UI and then built them in CSS (HSS) and Haxe.

I participated in the creation of more than 12 games.


Video game, Visual Design


Video game, Visual Design

Other games

Video game, Visual Design

UI Design + CSS (Freelance)

When I was a freelancer, I mostly did responsive webdesigns, WordPress and HTML/LESS/JSS.

I have delivered more than 15 websites.


Visual Design, WordPress


Visual Design, WordPress

MIN Bordeaux Brienne