My assignment: UI design (game and website), graphic design, logo design and HTML/CSS (Haxe/HSS).
Type: Web game –
Employer: Motion Twin.
Year: 2012.
Tools: Adobe Photoshop (pixel art and web design), Adobe Illustrator (logo design and some web elements), GraphicsGale (pixel art).

Excepting the character design, I was in charge of all the web and game graphics, including the UI and pixel art graphics. For 1 year I worked closely with the game designers Benjamin Soulé and David Elahee, both in the design and development phase. Florïn also participated as a consultant for game design and business model.

The character design was made by Mathieu Leyssenne and Gyhyom.


Mush - Most original game Indie Game Days 2013


The suspense is justified. Mush is a nasty, nasty game…it’s a terrifying balancing act to keep everything in good shape. Particularly while the Mush are lurking…

Mush, believe it or not, is a social game and in spite of the negative connotations associated with that term, it’s also bloody brilliant.

Its complexity gives rise to initial scepticism, but MUSH quickly changes your mind with its highly involving gameplay and captivating universe.

A true community game where over a few days you share part of your day with 15 others.

With a good group, the game offers a highly playable experience where where deception and paranoia reign supreme.

Never before has a F2P made me want to put my cash in the slot for another game so much.

The aspects of community and competition with the treacherous Mush intermingle agreeably.

If you’re good at role-play games, if you like playing in a team and having fun as a group, Mush is made for you.