UI Designer

Over the years at Motion Twin, I’ve done the UI, graphics and logos of many games, as well as webdesign.
For each project my main tools were Photoshop and Illustrator.


I made the logo, the illustration, the characters, the characters’ animations and the game’s UI.
This game was co-created with Thomas Pfeiffer (Developer and Game designer).

Teacher story

I made the logo and the webdesign (including CSS) of this game.
This game was made with Sébastien Benard alias Deepnight (Developer and Game designer) and Hiko (character design and game graphics).


I created the logo, the UI and the webdesign (including CSS) of this game portal.
This project was made in collaboration with Nicolas Cannasse (Developer and Game designer).

Jeux Kadokado

I created the graphics for these two mini-games.

Sans titre (jamais publié)

I created the graphics and graphic universe of this rogue-like game which, alas, has not been published.
I also created the characters and their animations.